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Earlier this summer, we were the lucky recipients of a 40 hour Ralia Retreats Business Getaway situated in the Laurentian mountains of Quebec. With the large volume of events we were organizing and the conciergerie's clientele needing more and more of our time, organizing some time away for the team seemed like an impossible feat. How could we escape the hustle, without losing our momentum? How could we take the time to bond and reflect on our personal and business goals, without sacrificing the needs of our clients? So many of these questions were on our minds, but we knew this was an opportunity not to be missed, and so we organized our schedules to make room for this rare gift and chose to commit fully to the experience. What we weren't expecting was how much we benefitted, personally and professionally, from taking some time to ourselves and reconnecting with nature.

Our guides picked us up bright and early, with a chauffeur and private car equipped with healthy snacks and freshly squeezed juices for the ride. With no time to lose, we had already begun the adventure, receiving a list of key questions we would be exploring over the course of the next 40 hours and had begun discussing while on the road. We arrived in style at Chalet Renne, and were given a well-planned itinerary, complete with meals and a full schedule involving breathing work, meditation, nature walks, energy work, reiki, and business coaching sessions. We even had some time set aside to ensure we could stay on track with our work schedules and emails, which was a perfect way to ease any stress about our productivity. Everything was designed to inspire calm, creativity and focus, which were aided by the forest that surrounded us, the lake, the chalet, the relaxing sauna and of course, our retreat guides, the amazing Mya & Bertrand. It was the perfect setting to start doing some inner work and feel fully immersed in the experience.

We were encouraged to set intentions, to be honest and open with each other as a team, to find ways to ground ourselves, to focus on our breathing, to take the time to disconnect with our busy lives and reconnect with nature and the elements in order to regain control of our inner compass. We emerged from the experience rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to dive into our busy lives and schedules, with intention and inspiration, hoping to be able to spread this good energy to our clients and our friends and family that surround us.

We are so grateful to the team at Ralia Retreats for this incredible experience, and having given us the gift of time that we might not have taken for ourselves. It was a perfect team building getaway, and we encourage any small business owner to take part in one as well!

For more information about how to reserve your own Business Retreat, visit .

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