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Altitude Connections is Montreal’s go-to Concierge service. We do it all, from Business, to Personal and of course, the Luxury experiences. We tailor our services to your needs and always find ways to make our clients’ lives easier, better and unforgettable!⁣


We combine the excellence of the traditional hospitality industry with the understanding of our clients requirements in today’s fast paced modern world. Whatever your needs are, Altitude Connections⁣ has got you covered.



Hello, I'm Andrea Soueidan, the founder of Altitude Connections. With a passion for forging connections, I launched Altitude Connections in 2013 to elevate busy lives. I thrive on intuitively finding solutions and seamlessly connecting people to their needs. From our first meeting, I visualize the links, lines, and connections that make life easier. After all, greatness, family, business goals – they're best achieved with a supportive community. Let's navigate this journey together!

Living in diverse cities like Chicago, Dubai, and Montreal has been a rewarding journey, introducing me to incredible individuals along the way. These experiences have cultivated a rich tapestry of connections, broadening my perspective and allowing me to build meaningful relationships across the globe.


Embracing the unique cultures of each city has not only expanded my network but also enriched my understanding of the world. I'm excited to continue this journey, forging connections and contributing to communities wherever life takes me next.

I'm deeply passionate about fostering community and providing support to empower individuals in achieving their goals and pursuing their passions. This innate drive has been a guiding force throughout my life, compelling me to make a positive impact and give back.

My contributions extend to various philanthropic endeavors, including donating services to St. Jude's Children's Hospital of Chicago, volunteering at the Montreal Children's Hospital, supporting girls in Quebec through "Girls Living Out Loud Mtl" Summits, supporting the "shoe box project" third year in a row, and actively participating as a committee member at Cedars Cancer Foundation and the McCord Museum.

I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to help you ascend to the heights of your dreams, alleviating stress through strategic connections and giving you the luxury of time!! 

Andrea Soueidan xoxo


"As a supplier for Altitude Connections, I am thrilled to share my outstanding experience. Their professionalism is unmatched, and their swift action is truly impressive. With an extensive network of contacts, they have consistently provided valuable opportunities for collaboration. I highly recommend working with Altitude Connections, as they go above and beyond to deliver exceptional service and foster fruitful partnerships."

- C. M


"Andrea, Voula and guys are phenomenal. You are destined for success and greatness. I am honoured to have seen you guys in action to display what business success looks like alongside Michael and Optimal Living Summit's Montreal 2023 retreat. Andrea, you truly ensure that your clients receive above and beyond service. You and the team are a shining example of creativity and efficiency. I pray success only increases for you and wish only the best for all three of you. You are most deserving."

- C.C

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