We combine the excellence of the traditional hospitality with the understanding of our clients requirements in today’s fast paced modern world.  Altitude Connections Group offers exclusive privileges and customized services with the finest attention to detail to our valuable clientele.  We provide specialized advices, insider access and exclusive benefits.

This is only a taste of the services we provide!  If you are looking for that special touch that will make a difference, we may just be the missing piece of the puzzle.  Let's Connect!



Under our personal services it is everything you need to make your personal life easier.  Need a caterer?  Need screening for a nanny? Need a painter? Need help planning a party - call us!



Our dedicated team of luxury lifestyle specialists are on-hand 24/7/365 to enhance and manage every aspect of our member’s lives; Art, Education, Personal Shopping, Wine Sommelier, Real Estate, Travel and more...



A full range of services for your business needs- Events, Meetings, Bookings, Travel, Corporate gifts, and more...

White label concierge services is our team and expertise on call for you 24/7 under your branding.  An extension of your company with a full time concierge staff and services without the costs to hire full-time.



Whether to make reservation in a high quality restaurant or to prepare for a wedding, shower or any party, Andrea holds the key for good connections. She is an efficient concierge who provides the best contacts in all the fields. Depending on your criterias, she will quickly find what you're looking for and perfectly realize your project.


One word resume Andrea : success!



Mylene M.

As one of Andrea's client I would really recommend her well organized and tasteful work that she provided for my baby shower which made everyone thrilled and passionated. She respected the budget as well and found the best and suitable place to arrange that event!


Thank you!


 Marie-Josée N.

Andrea is one of the most amazing and helpful people I have come across. She is extremely dedicated and she will make sure that all your needs are satisfied. She personally helped me organize my graduation party from A-Z, which turned out to be a memorable night. I am humbly grateful for all the help and effort she put in.  As soon as you meet her, you can directly tell that she is incredibly passionate and that she loves her job. If anyone ever needs something regardless of the occasion, I would definitely recommend Andrea.

Donna F.


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