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     Andrea Soueidan xx

Hi, my name is Andrea Soueidan, and I am the founder of Altitude Connections. I have been making connections all my life and love what I do. I began Altitude Connections back in 2013 to help elevate busy peoples lives so that they can live and work to their fullest capacity. 


 I am a person that intuitively find solutions, and able to connect people to all their needs, usually by our first meeting. From my all-encompassing vantage point, I visualize the links, the lines, the connections that join the dots to make your life easier. 


Because, we are not supposed to do it all on our own anyway – it takes a community to achieve greatness, raise a family, achieve goals in business, entertain family and friends, and most importantly, enjoy the journey as we go along. 

I have a passion to help create community and support to elevate people to achieve their goals and passions. I, myself, have always been this way, and constantly need to make a difference and give back.


I give back in numerous ways, such as, donating my services to the St. Jude’s Children's Hospital of Chicago, volunteering at the Montreal Children's Hospital, and giving back to girls in Quebec through "Girls Living Out Loud Mtl" Summits.


I look forward to see how we can help you reach the altitude of your dreams and minimize your stress through making the right connections.