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Altitude Connections x RetreatBoss

Are you looking to hire an offsite planner for a destination event internationally?

Altitude Connections is happy to collaborate with RetreatBoss, a retreat planning company. In the past decade, RetreatBoss has built a vast network of trusted partners worldwide to give clients endless possibilities and reach. All suppliers are assessed and qualified to assure quality and professionalism for your event, conference, team building, or retreat.

How can they help?

They will build a Retreat Program by:

  • Hiring all facilitators, vendors, and suppliers needed for a full-service turn-key experience

  • Taking care of all the logistics and planning

  • Curating Pre, live, and post-retreat/event programs that impact all participants

  • On-site or/and offsite support

  • Preparing the budget and timeline

Who do they work with to help build the event?

  • Chefs - Caterers and their staff

  • Venues/Yachts

  • Speakers

  • Wellness/Fitness professionals

  • Coaches

  • Yoga/Spiritual/Meditations leaders

  • Equipment and Decor Rental companies

  • Team Building companies and more…

For more information, email Andrea at Altitude Connections today!

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